1. I definitely agree that an important way of keeping your child’s interest is definitely through rewarding and encouraging their efforts. Praise is a great way of ensuring that kids try their upmost best!

  2. These tips are great. I’ve worked with kids in a variety of settings and I think that these would be very very successful with kids!

  3. Great Tips I must say! I have a 3year old and sometimes I feel that he goes too distracted. We really need to devise fun ways to keep kids interested in the stuff and challenging them is another idea I loved.

  4. Jess

    Some great tips here! It almost seems as if the parents have just as much homework to do as the kids.

  5. I can totally relate to that list, luckily for me, my kid teacher does not believe in homework so he doesn’t have too many yet, i have a friend who took a student help with her kids homework as it grow to too many fights in the house that it just didn’t worth it anymore

  6. When you deal with kids you always have to think about easy and very clever smart things to solve some small-big issues. Those you gave us today are like this!

  7. These are awesome tips! It’s important to try to keep kids interested in school and homework at a young age, because they’ll probably learn more and want to learn more if they feel engaged with the material!

  8. Arin

    This is such a great post for me to read. My son starts kinder next year so homework will become a part of our lives.

  9. I sure remember the days when my kids were younger and sat at the kitchen table in the evenings doing homework. I especially loved your comment about appreciating a child’s efforts. It’s far more motivating to hear what you’re doing right as opposed to what you’re doing wrong. x

  10. I know that homework is a necessity, but I just hate that they must come home after a long exhausting day at school already lol. That being said, these are great tips! I absolutely agree with appreciating their effort and giving rhem the freedom to fail. They truly will not learn if you breathe down their neck all the time. I am definitely bookmarking this. Thank you!

  11. I would love to live in Finland where there is no homework and kids read and learn at school and then are free to be kids and just play.

  12. I agree with appreciating the child’s effort. My kids would perform better after being appreciated on another activity/ task done.

  13. Rara

    These tips are not only for parents but for everyone who has kids at home.

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