1. Marjie Mare

    Those are really insightful tips. One of my daughters just move the middle school, she spent the whole summer anxious about not being able to adapt. I talked and we went to the school as often as possible and I kept reminding her that she is a big girl and she will be fine.

  2. My son is very anxious and back to school 2 weeks ago was a bit tough. Will try some of the tips that you mentioned, especially the essential oils! Thanks!

  3. Great tips to help with kids anxiety!! I’m already nervous about sending my two year old to school…in a few years!

  4. I definitely will be needing this for myself when I begin school next week! Haha. Thanks so much for sharing! I think I’ll try some tea time and aromatherapy to keep me relaxed and focused.

  5. Such great tips! I really like the essential oils and tea suggestions. I wonder if my toddlers would drink chamomile cold maybe…I really would like them to be calmer lol

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