The Three R’s for Good Sleep

Three R's for Good Sleep

The Three R’s of Good Sleep This guest post is by Deb Herbman of Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head Your child is a growing, thinking responsive human being and just like you will have nights that they cannot relax to sleep.  For children with ADHD this can be compounded by stimulant medications that make falling and staying asleep even harder. … [Read more…]

Valuable Lessons from Zen Pig

I very generously received a copy of Zen Pig free of charge. Valuable Lessons from Zen Pig by Mark Brown Compassion. Sympathy.  Kindness. Generosity.  Gratitude. In today’s world, swallowed more and more by materialism, it’s difficult to raise our children with this important principles.  That’s why Zen Pig by Mark Brown is such a gift. … [Read more…]

What to Do When Your Child Hates School

when your child hates school

Our Kids Can Thrive is now accepting guest posts! Get YOUR voice on the site by sharing your stories. Just head on over to and I’ll read your submission as soon as I can. I’m also conducting a survey so that I can serve you better! You can go fill it out to … [Read more…]