1. Great information! My oldest is ADHD and I am so against medicating him for it. Will be saving this for future reference.

  2. Lots of great information! In America we have such a SAD diet and miss the micro-nutrients we desperately need and then it is hard to find affordable supplements to make up the difference.

  3. This is very interesting. I would have never correlated Zinc to ADHD. I have heard of using Essential Oils to help support the symptoms of ADHD, but not Zinc.

  4. Such a great read filled with great info. I hear so many parents that go through the same thing and not wanting to medicate their kids. So finding alternative ways to help their children is awesome.

  5. I gave my kids zinc at one stage but I stopped for some reason. I definitely saw the difference in them when they were on it.
    Need to get them back on track!

  6. This is so interesting. My kids don’t have ADHD however I was interested to read how the properties of Zinc can help with things like energy and the happy hormone. I am definitely getting my levels checked!

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