1. We limit a lot of screen time – that definitely inspires kids to use their imaginations and find other ways to keep themselves occupied, which usually involves crafts, building things, etc. These are great tips to help nurture creativity – it is important to keep those little minds busy!

  2. ashley peavey

    This is great! I love fostering creativity in our home. Sleep is definitely a big part of it!

  3. I have a child with ADHD and so much of this rang true. My son is so creative but is also such a perfectionist. These were some great tips on to nurture his creativity!

  4. My kids love to paint and draw. My son is big into animals so often does nature scenes with animals or dinosaurs. They both also like to draw along with whatever Bob Ross is painting (it’s on Netflix now), and it’s so calming I encourage it!

  5. Kids need to be kids and enjoy playtime! See is such a big factor too, makes a world of a difference.

  6. Such a great read. I’ve met a few children with adhd and they are very creative. This are some great ideas. Love the don’t expect perfection

  7. Meagan

    We are a very creative family so we are always coming up with ways to be creative while having fun. Totally agree with the sleep. My 10 year old thinks that she doesn’t need to sleep half the time but if she isn’t in bed by a specific time then we all deal with the consquences in the house.

  8. I love watching my kids create pretend worlds together and all get caught up in the make believe.

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