Valuable Lessons from Zen Pig

I very generously received a copy of Zen Pig free of charge.

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Valuable Lessons from Zen Pig by Mark Brown

Compassion. Sympathy.  Kindness. Generosity.  Gratitude. In today’s world, swallowed more and more by materialism, it’s difficult to raise our children with this important principles.  That’s why Zen Pig by Mark Brown is such a gift.  This sweet and simple book with it’s adorable illustrations by Mark’s wife, Amy Lynn Brown, uses the wonderful and wise character Zen Pig to explain it all to children.



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He teaches  us to be thankful, to be mindful and present, to forgive others, to mind our words by speaking with compassion and that love is true wealth.  Lessons that the smallest among us need to learn, and lessons that us adults need to be reminded of often, too!  This book is a sweet and short read and is written in rhyme.  I can’t express how sweet this book is.


zen pig book

Here’s another wonderful thing about Zen Pig.  This book isn’t just a gift to the reader.

It’s heartbreaking that in 2015, approximately 1 Billion people suffer without access to clean water.

That’s why Zen Pig has partnered with the non-profit Know Think Act, and for every copy of Zen Pig sold, enough proceeds are given to provide 10 people with clean water for 1 year!  So buy this book and you’re so much to help others.  Water is something that so many of us just take for granted.  If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you could go pour yourself a glass of cold, clean water or that you can take a nice, warm shower if you wanted to.  There are so many people who don’t have this luxury and Mark and Amy Lynn Brown are helping to bridge that gap.
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Mark Brown and Amy Lynn Brown with their son Noble

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